South East Landcare Muster 2024

What is possible when we are connected and energised for our work together?

South East Landcare Muster 2024

What is possible when we are connected and energised for our work together?

Community Participation -

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The issue

 In 2024 there have been many changes to the Landcare support space with a new NSW Landcare Program and changes to the Australian Government Natural Resource Management funding program. With that there have been many changes and there are new people in support roles in Landcare and Local Land Services.  The region is large and the responsibility of South East Landcare and the Districts in managing the NSW Landcare Program has increased. 

The purpose was to inform the community about the changes and how Landcare in the South East will operate under the NSW Landcare Enabling Program 2024-27.

The solution

Local Land Services is the key NSW Government partner for Landcare and in the South East, Landcare and Local Land Services have an enduring and mutually beneficial relationship.

With funding from NSW Landcare Enabling Program 2024-27 and Australian Government Natural Heritage Trust, the Regional Community of Practice for Landcare in the South East used a collaborative design process for the 2024 Muster.

This co-design process created a fit-for-purpose event for this time as well as built a positive and collaborative culture within the network and with partners.

The impact

Over 70 people came together at the National Theatre in Braidwood, responding to an invitation to become connected and energised for our work together.

Participants started by reflecting on why  Landcare is important to them at a personal level, and then they moved through a series of activities that fostered a sense of community and connection with our district, regional and State networks

One highlight of the day was the ‘Drive around the South East’ in a big red car where we met coordinators and representatives from each district who spoke to a showcase project or activity.


Those who are deeply involved/integrated in Landcare work in the South East were invited to help build a directory of skills and people. Representatives from South East Landcare, Landcare NSW and Local Land Services  presented information and answered questions in a panel session. As well as having questions asked of them, they had an opportunity to hear from landcarers by hosting a variety of small group discussions.

People left with a better understanding of the whole network a feeling of alignment and that were able to contribute to the regional planning process.

Key facts

  • The value of feeling heard and being able to contribute to feel more connected to the Regional Landcare community.
  • The importance of nurturing relationships and partnerships by bringing people together.
  • Activities flowed to foster a sense of community within our regional network and a feeling that we are not on our own.

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