Enhancing resilience of 12 km of coastal EEC's from Smoky Cape to South West Rocks

A 6 year, $249000 project running from July 2012 - June 2018 funded by the NSW Government Environmental Trust. This project expands and cements the strategic weed management started by SWRDC in 2001 into a fully integrated multi-land-tenure project covering 600Ha over 12km of coast. It brings together ad-hoc projects undertaken by land managers and volunteers including indigenous and school groups in the area, facilitating work in partnership under the umbrella of the SWRDC Weed Plan. This Plan provides clear strategies for restoring endangered ecological communities, Littoral Rainforest and Themeda Grasslands and enhances the resilience of the entire area. Stabilisation of dunes in the face of potential coastal erosion will be of major benefit for protecting infrastructure.