Restore 50 hectares of Dune System and do Follow-Up Weed Control at SWR

A 3 year, $98 650 project running from July 2012 - June 2015, funded by the NSW Government Environmental Trust: Smoky Cape to the Macleay River is an 800ha, 12km critical wildlife corridor. Back Beach (65ha) is the final major weed infestation yet to receive primary weed control. Removing Bitou Bush and Lantana, Weeds of National Significance, plus other highly invasive weeds will restore this section of the degraded environmental corridor. Natural regeneration beneath the existing Tuckeroo canopy will lead to the re-establishment of the endangered ecological community, Littoral Rainforest, which occurred on this site prior to disturbance, and occurs on the adjacent island and dunes. Targeted weed removal across the entire corridor will prevent future environmental degradation by weeds.