2023 Rivercare update - Carribee Farm plantings

Carribee Farm has been part of the Rivercare project for decades. The March/April plants represent a new phase of the revegetation project. This site has been set up to record progress of the plantings.

Ian Royd's has spent many years of his life establishing and working on revegetation along the Wingecarribee River. It is thanks to his tireless dedication that another 2560 plants are being planted to help revegetate the riparian zone of the river to prevent erosion, improve platypus habitat and connect larger areas of bush to ultimately produce a wildlife corridor. Ian has successfully applied for a grant to pay for plants and other materials. He has also liaised with the landholders and their farm manager to allow the plantings and set up fence and rip planting lines. None of this would be possible without the generous support of the landowners. 

16th March - site preparation. Digging holes along rip lines, spray around holes to reduce weed competition and placing stakes to mark holes.