Diversifying Income

Corporate Partnerships

Diversifying Income

Corporate Partnerships

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The issue

Southern New England Landcare has had or maintained partnerships with a few local businesses for some years. These partnerships have provided valuable but small financial contributions or other in-kind support to our core operations. However, through developing an annual Action Plan in mid 2016, and in a bid to diversify our funding sources, we identified an opportunity to boost our financial stability and long-term viability by partnering with corporate entities.

The solution

Commencement of corporate partnership proposals was serendipitous. As a result of word of mouth and Southern New England Landcare’s strong community presence, Armidale’s branch of the multi-national company Flight Centre approached Southern New England Landcare to test our interest in developing a partnership. We were excited that one of Flight Centre Armidale’s travel consultants has significant global experience in philanthropic fund raising for not-for-profit and non-government organisations. So, Southern New England Landcare has become Flight Centre Armidale’s first philanthropic partner.

The impact

The theory is simple, a percentage of money raised through referral or Landcare specific group travel is donated to Southern New England Landcare. This money will assist in covering the day to day expenses of running an organisation, allowing us to focus more effort on meeting the needs of our members and delivering on commitments to current projects; and capacity to invest time in securing additional resourcing through competitive grants.


While still in its infancy, planning is underway to offer domestic and international holiday options to the Southern New England community. We hope to include trips which support and learn from other Landcare interests and networks, such as the Hastings Landcare Farm Gate Tour on our nearby NSW mid-north coast.

Our fledgling partnership with Flight Centre has helped us learn about corporate engagement techniques, opportunities, and the level of work involved in developing and maintaining such relationships. The process also prompted staff to consider utilising the professional experience of our Board, around the development of proposals, branding and realising our value to businesses.

Key facts

  • Establishing and maintaining partnerships takes time and commitment.
  • Corporate partners need not be industry-related.

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