Hosting conversations that matter

A multi-regional community of practice gathering at Utungan

Hosting conversations that matter

A multi-regional community of practice gathering at Utungan

Stronger Together -


The issue

Working together, embracing collective intelligence, transcending old paradigms and working creatively to deliver more effective, sustainable and relevant outcomes is challenging.  Increasingly we see a need for landcare staff to facilitate processes that develop ideas, to actively communicate, and work collaboratively in multidisciplinary teams.  Enter, the 'Art of Participatory Leadership'.

The solution

Together, Local Landcare Coordinators, Regional Landcare Facilitators and Landcare network committee members, from the New England, North Coast, Hunter and North West regions embraced learning from this the experiential training.  A three day gathering hosted by SNELandcare Coordinators with expert guidance from the Campfire Co-op.  Twenty-two participants explored the powerful question ‘What’s possible when we work together to host our communities?’ and delved into practices like World Café, Open Space, Four-fold Practice, Harvesting Ideas and Designing for Wiser Action. 

The impact

“This was undoubtedly the most inspiring and worthwhile Landcare event many of us have ever been a part of.  We would highly recommend this training to anyone seeking to explore different ways of engaging with the community, and of organising teams – whether the team be as small as a family or as large as an entire organisation.  The answer to the calling question ‘What is possible when we work together to host our communities? is, of course, anything!”

Testimonial from Jude Turner (Coffs Landcare)


  • Focusing on listening fully, respectfully and without judgement we were enables us to host conversations that matter. 
  • Host yourself first, be willing to endure chaos, keep the space or possibilities open and stay in the fire of the present.
  • Becoming a community of practice means being willing to co-create and co-host with others, blending your knowing, experience and practices with theirs in a working partnership.

Key facts

  • Plan your projects/process around the harvest you need
  • Together we can change the paradigm
  • Embrace skills to harvest conversations that matter
  • Honor the process

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