Landcare Legend Shares His Story

Jeff Pow talks on regenerative agriculture at Guyra

Landcare Legend Shares His Story

Jeff Pow talks on regenerative agriculture at Guyra

Showing the Difference -


The issue

Local agribusiness Southern Blue Regenerative, approached Southern New England Landcare to partner up and bring the 2016 Australian Government Innovation in Sustainable Farm Practices Award and 2016 National Landcare Award ‘People’s Choice' winner Jeff Pow, to town as a guest speaker. Jeff Pow and Michelle McManus set up Western Australia’s only vertically integrated, beyond organic, pasture-raised chicken and duck operation.

We knew Jeff would draw a crowd, and ignite some of his passion and ideas in our region. Jeff was to speak in Tasmania. All we needed to do to was to find some funds at short notice to pay his way to Guyra.

The solution

Southern New England Landcare approached its peer networks in the region, to see if they would also support the event by promoting it among their communities. Check.

We then approached New England North West Landcare, our 'umbrella' body in the region, to see if they could provide some financial support, given we needed funds at short notice and at the time, there were no grants available. Check.

Southern Blue Regenerative's Glen Chapman committed his time and efforts to organise Jeff Pow's travel, accommodation and many of the event logistics. Check.

The impact

The event was held in Guyra and attracted 23 participants from as far away as Yass in southern NSW.

Participants agreed that the speaker was appropriate and knowledgeable, and that the information was clearly presented and pitched at an appropriate level. 83% of participants gained a better understanding of the topic, while 80% gained practical and useful information for their situation.

All participants agreed that they will be implementing some of the ideas on their property in the near future. This event clearly had an impact!

Images courtesy of Southampton Homestead.


  • Acting swiftly to get a result when approached by a new partner has forged new links and created greater respect for our strengths.
  • Remember to hand out and collect your evaluation sheets at the event, or you will find it difficult to get them returned later!

Key facts

  • I now understand that regenerative effects can be seen in a few years rather than decades. Participant.

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