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John Martyn has produced three books for STEP.

Field Guide to the Bushland of the Lane Cove Valley

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Our Field Guide gives a natural history overview of the whole of the Lane Cove catchment. There are chapters on geology, landscape, flora, fauna and the effect of human impact. There are also detailed descriptions of the bushland reserves as a series of cameo descriptions, usually in the form of guided bushwalks. The lengthy database of plant and animal records is for research into status and changes in biodiversity. It is followed by a full index.

The Field Guide is designed to educate, and also to show that you don’t need to go out and buy a wilderness calendar to glimpse the beauty of the natural world. Just take a walk in your local bushland. So the field guide is full of colour photos of the beautiful trees, ferns, flowers, animals and waterfalls that abound in our own local bushland. And the pictures are not just to beautify the book and win converts to the natural world, but to inform, record and assist the reader in identifying those plants and animals.

Sydney's Natural World

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There are no other books that deal with the natural assets of the Sydney as well or as completely as Sydney's Natural World. STEP believes that Sydney's Natural World will become the iconic benchmark by which Sydney's bushland will be assessed in the years ahead. It helps STEP demonstrate why we are conservationists when it comes to urban bushland. If some destroyers get their way, the only place where some of these sites will remain will be in the pages of Sydney's Natural World.

Sydney's Natural World makes a wonderful gift for anyone interested in Sydney or urban bushland, for corporate gifts and for overseas visitors. It is a great way of showing people just what we have in the Sydney area apart from the Opera House and other built attractions.

Understanding the Weather: A Guide for Outdoor Enthusiasts in South South-eastern Australia

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The purpose of Understanding the Weather is to assist, with the help of photos of spectacular, beautiful and portentous skyscapes, in understanding and identifying the weather phenomena that may have the power to enhance, undermine or totally derail your planned walking, camping trip or short outing.