Repairing an Eroding Dune

Re-routing Beach Traffic via a New Walkway

In 2011 the Dunecare group worked with Byron Shire Council to address problems of pedestrian access at the northern end of Tallow Beach.Issues of dune erosion & sand-drifts blocking the bike-way (below right) were caused by original poor siting of  2 tracks. The tracks were closed  after council constructed an alternative  board & chain walk at a more suitable location.The new beach access (right) is serving the public well with no new informal tracks in evidence









When infrastructure was removed from the crumbling walkway (above left) dunecare was able to address problems of mobile sands and the hind-dune gradient collapsing onto the bike track (above right)

Sand Trapping fences were installed across the route of the old track- on the dune up-slope and  on the dune crown -the first trapped sand in eroded gullies, the second (a back stop) prevented stray sand over-topping the dune.A third  fence was later installed to trap sand towards the base of the dune. While the seaward face of the dune was building  the hindune gradient was stabilized with terraced logs and planted out.








Revegetation When sufficient sand had accumulated on the dune Wattle seed was distributed on the crown and within 3 years a consolidating shrub cover was achieved.

Vegetation Issues Addressed

Below left Stressed littoral rainforest canopy behind the dune was another casualty of poor location choice at the old walkway. Stands of Beach Acronychia & Tuckeroo became denuded by salt blast. Wind-swept sand, over-topping the dune and slowly migrating inland, meant littoral rainforest was prevented from regenerating.

Monitor 2014 Littoral rainforest trees re-shooting and redeveloping canopy in response to improved screening (above left).Wattle coverage and fencing on the crown of the dune is helping to deflect S.E.winds.

No sand moving call-outs have been demanded of council's works crew and Backhoe since the project was completed in 2012 !