Removal of Bitou Bush at the North End of Tallow Beach 2011

Advanced Infestation on the Front of the Dunes

An important part of our 2011-12 Community Action Grant was removing remaining WoNS weed Bitou Bush from the most northerly management zone of Tallow Beach reserve (3.7 h) There had been no previous weeding  at this end of the beach due to its remoteness and exclusion from Byron Councils management jurisdiction.

The long term effect of a key threatening process is  illustrated graphically in the spectre of  declining Banksias isolated in stands of Bitou Bush. Overall infestation on the front of the dunes was estimated to be 50% (photo colour enhanced) with   90% coverage removed  from a 5000 sq m location  in the hind-dune (see Tallow Creek Revegetation project )

Bitou Bush in Disturbed Littoral Rainforest

Bitou Bush had also  invaded littoral rainforest over a 100m section of the dunes where marine erosion in 2009 had bitten into the  dune creating a 5m escarpment and 'perched' forest open to the sea. Rainforest seedlings  were found under  low mixed  canopy of rainforest and Bitou with little chance of  survival.


Signs were located at the base of the dunes at the beginning of  the  project