Tuckeroo Revegetation

Creating a Vegetation Corridor 2014

A Degraded Dune Environment

This year the group began work on 1.5 h  of semi -cleared  dunes at the south end of the reserve where runaway lawns carpet a sparse landscape of ageing Banksias & Casuarinas. A 'highly modified environment' with 'low potential for natural recovery' Byron Shire Council  fenced the landward boundary  in 2012 and planted densely within a newly delineated hind-dune.With revegetation well under way in the set-back but regeneration non existent  behind  poorly developed fore-dunes  ,the group saw a need to  improve vegetation structure by linking  existing islands of  Banksia and Wattle  and  deflecting salt winds.

Wind Fencing and Planting

In Autumn volunteers began planting a 5m wide vegetation corridor in the lee of a newly constructed wind calming fence, hacking through woody couch grass roots to achieve good sized planting holes. A mixture of dune scrub species & salt hardier littoral rainforest trees is being  planted along the entire open frontage. Increased populations of  Swamp Wallabies have proved hungry and determined competitors and all plants, other than unpalatable saw leafed  Banksias, will be a protected by tall guards until well established.

School Involvement

Recently we hosted Dorroughby Environmental School bringing  students from the hinterland who planted ground covers: these will in time replace exotic grasses currently dominating the dunes. We hope to attract more school visits throughout the project which is expected to be completed in 2015.