Natural and Cultural Heritage
  • Soil derived from Hawkesbury Sandstone
  • Vegetation Community L: Eucalyptus pilularis – Angophora costata – Syncarpia glomulifera Tall Open Forest
Conservation Status
  • Reserve contains vegetation of local conservation significance
  • Continuous with a large area of significant bushland within Old Mans Valley.
Condition / Impacts
  • Overall, bushland in this reserve is in good condition With some Privet and Camphor Laurel individuals establishing, particularly along suburban runoff drainage lines.
Main Weeds
  • Small- leaved Privet, Camphor Laurel.
  • There is currently no formal public access to this reserve.
  • Unmade portion of Summers Ave. is also bushland adjoining this reserve.
  • A bushcare group is working at the end of Summers Ave. on unmade road area.
  • An informal set of stairs goes from the end of Summers Ave to Ferntree Close




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