The Sunshine Silverwater Landcare group formed in 1994 and was previously known as Southlakes Landcare. There are 8 regular active members and 16 members who work occasionally. The Landcare group undertake an annual letterbox drop to encourage new members to participate. On average the group performs 80 hours of volunteer work per month on their Landcare site.


The Sunshine Silverwater Landcare group are one of more than ten differentLandcare groups working to improve and maintain the beauty of the Morissetarea. The groups Master Plan aims to maintain a balance between the need toprovide a pleasant area for families to enjoy picnics and barbecues while ensuringhabitat for native animals. Over the years the group have been able to clear atrack to allow access along the foreshore reserve between Sunshine Park andJohnny’s Point which was impossible to traverse twenty five years ago.
The Sunshine Silverwater Landcare group list their greatest achievements as rehabilitating an old camping ground by establishing many new trees within the Sunshine reserve and the completion of their recent Community Coastcare grant that provided a constructed walking trail and bush regeneration.
Their greatest challenge has been both erosion, which in some areas is extensive enough to cause trees to fall into the lake, and weed infestation of the fringing areas of the site. These challenges have been addressed with the Caring for Our Country Community Coastcare grant (see the Case Study for details).
Other challenges include the illegal dumping of garden refuse, vandalism and theft on site, and inappropriate use of the site by locals. These challenges have been addressed with the installation of a security gate to limit access to the site, and increased respect from residents and visitors to the area who continually appreciate the beauty in which they find themselves.
The Sunshine Silverwater Landcare group are well respected in the local community. They enjoy support from many local businesses, organisations, and media, and work with the local business chamber of commerce, town coordinator, and the progress association. They are also supported by Scouts and Cubs who assist with planting native plants.
April 2009: Clearing work being undertaken by members of the Sunshine Silverwater landcare group and the local
Scout Group and assisted by the Lake Macquarie Landcare Bush Regenerators.

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