Adventure Landcare Tamworth (ALT)

Engaging Youth in Landcare

Adventure Landcare Tamworth (ALT)

Engaging Youth in Landcare

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The issue

Tamworth Regional Landcare Association (TRLA) is an umbrella organisation for Landcare groups in the Tamworth region.  There has been a good history of Landcare volunteering and group activities in the Tamworth region, during strategic planning, TRLA identified the lack of members under 40 as an issue facing the sustainability of Landcare in our region.

In 2015 TRLA selected the following as a strategic direction for the future: ‘Host two events annually that target generation X & Y to increase the number of members under the age of 40’.

The solution

Adventure Landcare Tamworth (ALT) was born. The group was founded in 2015 by Hamish Campbell, an enthusiastic young member of the Tamworth Regional Landcare Association who was keen to introduce the younger generation in the region to Landcare. Through the National Landcare Programme (NLP) funding, TRLA was successful in gaining funding in 2015 and again in 2016 to hold the ALT events.

ALT activities are open to anyone aged 18 to 30 something and provides an opportunity for participants to learn about environmental management issues and at the same time benefit from the networking opportunities the events provide.

ALT holds exciting overnight events for young adults, with activities ranging from kayaking and fishing to BBQ's, bush walks and building frog ponds. Members get the opportunity to see rare plants and animals, learn about indigenous culture and take part in the conservation of the endangered ecosystems.

The impact

Since the advent of ALT over 32 young people have attended the ALT events and worked on Landcare activities around the region. TRLA has nine new “young” Landcarers who have become members and now regularly participate in activities outside of the ALT events. A further two participants who have gained bush regeneration skills and experience from their ALT experience have obtained employment as Bush Regenerators.


Engaging a new demographic can be challenging and it takes time to get a new group going. We learned that word of mouth takes time to get around. In a regional community building strong bonds and relationships with members and imparting a sense of belonging and ownership is integral to ongoing participation.

Key facts

  • 32 young people engaged
  • Over 1000 stems in ground
  • 9 new TRLA members from ALT
  • 2 ALT members have gone on to become Bush Regenerators

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