Box Gum Woodland Photography Competition

Showcasing the Beauty of our Community and Environment

Box Gum Woodland Photography Competition

Showcasing the Beauty of our Community and Environment

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The issue

Tamworth Regional Landcare Association (TRLA) is always seeking to undertake projects that diversify our membership, promote environmental outcomes and engage our community in authentic ways.

In 2017 TRLA sought to combine multiple objectives into a singular project. The primary goals included the promotion Box Gum Woodlands to the wider community and build our Landcare membership. 

The solution

TRLA launched its first photography competition with the aim to raise awareness of the significance of the native Box-Gum woodlands, as well as the flora and fauna that exists within it.

The Box Gum Woodland Photography Competition was just one project within an important six year in partnership with NSW Environmental Trust to protect, restore and promote Grassy White Box Woodlands. TRLA invited the local community to engage with Box Gum Woodlands across the region through a photography competition and brought the photos to the public as a beautiful and engaging exhibition.

The impact

The resulting competition and exhibition resulted in over 100 entries from across the region, three community working bees and walking tours on Grassy White Box Woodland sites in the Tamworth area and a wonderful exhibition opening attracting over 60 attendees. The exhibition was hung for over 2 months in the Ray Walsh House Foyer, with hundreds of people passing through and seeing the exhibition daily.

The competition was met with such enthusiasm and community support that it will run again in 2018 with generous funding from the National Landcare Program and the continued support of the NSW Environmental Trust.

Key facts

  • Promoted Critically Endangered Grassy White Box Woodland communities
  • Over 100 entries received
  • Over 60 in attendance for the official opening
  • Images used in promotional materials and on the newly developed TRLA website

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