How landholders from Gunnedah converted a dustbowl into a haven for wildlife!

Twenty-one years ago, when Wayne and Ingrid Yeo took over 'Kianga', west of Gunnedah they were faced with an almighty challenge. Overgrazed and devoid of trees, the property was in a poor state. Appreciating the value of all living things in the ecosystem, they have undertaken a range of thoughtful strategies to support on-farm biodiversity. They have transformed the landscape, creating a haven for koalas, birds and other native creatures.

Tamworth Regional Landcare Association (TRLA) has, among its main objectives, a focus on supporting local biodiversity.

The Local Landcare Coordinator for the Liverpool Plains region became acquainted with Wayne and Ingrid Yeo, landholders from Emerald Hill, through the local Saving our Species Koala Habitat Restoration Project (Gunnedah & Liverpool Plains). She discovered that landholders were doing a whole lot more than planting trees for koalas!

Recognising both the production and environmental benefits, enhancing their land for biodiversity is part of their overal farm plan. They have embraced a number of thoughtful strategies to enhance on-farm biodiversity and habitat. 

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