Landcare Learnings

Sharing Local Landcare Stories to Reinvigorate Community

Landcare Learnings

Sharing Local Landcare Stories to Reinvigorate Community

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The issue

Tamworth Regional Landcare Association (TRLA), like most Landcare groups, are a dedicated volunteer committee who meet once a month for a committee meeting to discuss current projects, issues and all things Landcare in the region. Landcare in Tamworth has grown significantly in the past six years as have the business matters that need to be discussed at these meetings.

The Committee found these meeting to have low attendance and were, at times, uninspiring to newcomers and the general membership. They sought a change in format to engage new audiences and reconnect with their members.

The solution

TRLA decided to hold education meetings in lieu of their monthly meeting on each quarter with a focus on local storytelling, providing an opportunity for members to share their projects, achievements, highlights, successes and even failures, all in the name of learning and knowledge sharing amongst peers and community.

These meetings began in early 2021 and were met with great engagement and ongoing support from the Landcare community and beyond. Topics like multi-species pasture cropping and understorey restoration have seen people from across the Tamworth region come together to learn and grow. 

The impact

Landcare Learnings have not only created a space for local people to tell their story amongst friends and interested community members, but it has also drawn new financial members to the TRLA. 

Supporting local stories is integral to the ethos of TRLA. Landcare Learnings is a platform for Landcare members to both share and to learn. Anyone can take the opportunity to present at the meetings and there is always time for discussion and a social dinner afterwards.

Key facts

  • Local storytelling and knowledge sharing
  • Increased membership and engagement
  • Inspiring local action