Plein Air, Passion Mashing and Landcare

Creatively Connecting Community with our Landscape

Plein Air, Passion Mashing and Landcare

Creatively Connecting Community with our Landscape

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The issue

Growing the Landcare movement is a core value for Tamworth Regional Landcare Association (TRLA) and finding ways to bring new faces and energy to Landcare in Tamworth has proved challenging over the years due to there being so many great organisations, events and activities available to our community. TRLA seeks creative endeavours that will engage community members with Landcare and our local environment.

The solution

In 2016 TRLA held a Passion Mashing training event seeking inspiring volunteer recruitment and community engagement concepts and methods. We have since sought to derive inspiration from our community to inform our activities. Tamworth is a culturally vibrant city with an active arts and crafts community and we saw opportunity to combine local’s passion for the arts with the environment.

We held a series of Plein Air Art events with Environmental Trust funding on site at Moore Creek Caves Reserve (MCCR). MCCR home to critically endangered Grassy White Box Woodland and provides excellent opportunity for education and conservation. A second event was hosted on our Peel River site in the heart of Tamworth.

Families, individuals, artists and amateurs alike attended these events and were able to create art, appreciate the beauty of our local landscape while learning about the environment and participating in its conservation.

The impact

The Plein Air Art days allowed our community to come together with like- minded people in the natural surrounds of our Grassy White Box Gum Woodland and on the beautiful Peel River to enjoy outdoor painting and art making within the local landscape.  Holding the event in conjunction with the regular monthly Landcare working bees promoted the work our Landcarers do to help restore the environment and conserve its natural beauty. These events attracted new members and offered current members an opportunity to ‘Mash Passions’.

Key facts

  • Funded by the Environmental Trust
  • Supported by Tamworth Regional Gallery
  • Combining passions to grow the Landcare Movement
  • Promoting critically endangered communities and supporting their conservation through art

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