covering the Sooley, Bumana and Tarlo catchments and surrounding areas, we promote and apply the objectives and philosophies of Landcare within a framework of sustainable agriculture.

Tarlo/Middle Arm Landcare Group Inc.  was established on the 17th October 2004 by a group of neighbours from the Tarlo and Middle Arm Rural Fire Brigade areas of NSW.

We always welcome new volunteers who keep us invigorated and bring new skills and knowledge to our group.

We have four sites under management and a native plant nursery.


on Rhyanna Road at the confluence of the Tarlo River and Wooroondooroonbidgee Creek. Tarlo/Middle Arm Landcare Group started this project in 2006 and had assistance from Corrective Services in removing willow and other weeds and planting native plants.

The Tarlo/Middle Arm Landcare Group started to learn to raise local provenance native plants for our project sites in 2011. We have a potting shed and nursery at the Middle Arm Hall. In 2014 we planted out at Rhyanna Rest.

on a reserve between Holloways Rd and Taralga Rd, Tarlo was started in 2010 by the Tarlo/Middle Arm Landcare Group and entails reduction of woody weeds, serrated tussock and St Johns Wort to reduce seed source for surrounding properties.

Wooroondooroonbidgee Creek up from Rhyanna Rest accessed from Middle Arm Road. Tarlo/Middle Arm Landcare Group started this project in 2014 with willow control. This site is not currently being managed.

on Taralga Road on the Goulburn side of the Tarlo River was started by the Tarlo/Middle Arm Landcare Group in 2009 with willow and other weed control, fencing out stock and planting native plants.

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