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Restoration of rainforest and riparian vegetation on Shoalhaven river at the Grotto Reserve

The goals of the Grotto Bushcare Group have been divided into three sections and are as follows:

Weed Control/Bush Regeneration

a) To maintain The Grotto as a high quality natural recreational area as per the Greys Beach and Grotto Plan of Management

b) Strategically regenerate the endemic vegetation of The Grotto Reserve including the upper parts of the reserve and the lower riparian areas

c) Ongoing strategic weed management and re-vegetation of areas of native vegetation with high resilience or high conservation value

Access/Walking Tracks

a) Maintain and expand the network of walking tracks throughout the upper and lower Grotto Reserve, including providing a link loop walking trail with the Wilson, Grotto and Waratah Walking Tracks

Cultural & Historical Education and Conservation

a) To promote the natural, social and heritage values of The Grotto Reserve

b) Continue to educate and raise awareness of the natural, social and cultural values of The Grotto Reserve to visitors, schools and local residents

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