Well if we had known in 1992 what was to happen now in 2015 life would have been very different. So it is when you work at a goal, planting seeds knowing they will grow into the dreams and visions you first see.

1992 saw the world’s first Earth Summit which was a great rocket to launch many organisations around the world to go full steam ahead to create inspired projects that would set the stage for life on Earth to grow and flourish for millennium to come.



Today The Valley Centre and Project Nardu (seed) is proud to celebrate the many projects, partnerships and business sponsors working together to create projects and events that enable sustainable healthy community building. All incorporating community renewable energy, wildlife and conservation.


  • Sustainable Community building
  • Concert for Change: celebrating the huge movement for change
  • Ethical Investment opportunities
  • Kids vision the future project
  • The Valley Centre showcase project an hour an and half from Sydney

And what an exciting time to be working with rural, outer metropolitan and Aboriginal communities all passionate about building a powerful resilient future.

Over the past 22 years we have seen this movement grow exponentially where the 100’s of 1,000s of organisations working to create positive change far out way the few activities with short term vision that seem to monopolise the media.

We’d love to share the latest news and milestones of these projects, so come on board!

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Tracey Cooper

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