TROPO, the Tweed Richmond Organic Producers Organisation, was established in 1989 as a grassroots local action group dedicated to fostering organic agriculture and gardening on the New South Wales North Coast. (For those far away, this is on Australia's eastern seabord, in a subtopical region.)

Since then membership has grown to over 150 and includes commercial organic producers, part-time farmers, home gardeners, conventional farmers considering converting to organic methods, and many others with an interest in supporting the kind of agriculture that does not poison people or the environment.

TROPO activities include meetings and field days covering practical organic farming and gardening techniques and looking at wider issues in sustainable agriculture.

Annual membership costs only $28 and includes meetings and field days, as well as access to TROPO contact people who have hands-on experience in growing specific crops, and a networking list which helps members get in touch with others.

You also get four free issues of the TROPO magazine Going Organic mailed directly to your address (within Australia). Going Organic keeps you in touch with what's going on, provides a forum for all members to express their views, and contains down-to-earth practical information for farmers and gardeners.

In the struggle for a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable world, your views count, and TROPO helps make your voice heard. As a group TROPO members provide input to a number of influential institutions including NSW Agriculture, organic certification groups like NASAA and BFA, plus produce wholesalers and retailers.

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