Thirty minutes, Two Hands. Clean up yOUR world. Anytime - Anywhere

The Two Hands Project is a new and collaborative approach to cleaning up yOUR world.

Whether to improve the health of our oceans, or to simply clean up unsightly trash in one of your favorite places, Two Hands is easy.

Two hands takes the spirit of huge national and international cleanup days, bringing it back to the individual, allowing you to care for the place most important to you, anytime you want.

Thirty minutes, Two Hands. Clean up yOUR world.

We don't want to be cleaning up forever! Two Hands advocates change.

Working with government and industry we are promoting the development of a global reusable packaging/bottle and deposit system.

Two Hands also advocates a "cash for butts" scheme be introduced by governments and the tobbacco industry, the only sure way to keep butts out of our environment.

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