Apical Returns to Help Local Landholders Manage Weeds

Madeira Vine, Privet, Africa Thornbush are weeds we are seeing more of day by day.  Currently Upper Deua Catchment Landcare are seeking to assist landowners make a difference to some of the infestations on their property.

Potential impacts of Madeira Vine

  • in the right conditions Madeira Vine grows fast, up to a metre a day, and will smother ground cover as well as the canopy of mature native trees.
  • cause branches and trees to fall due to the weight of the aerial tubers
  • reduce food and habitat for native animals
  • cause ill health if eaten by livestock.

The rapid invasion of Madeira Vine at the head of the Araluen Valley post the 2020 bushfires and floods was startling and very worrying.  UDCLG made a decision to seek to assist Landowners along the Araluen Creek from the head of the Valley to the Neringla Bridge. 

 The workshops held on weeds with Apical during the Araluen Creek erosion project were well attended and landowners exhibited significate concern re Maderia Vine.  Although it can be held in check somewhat by frost the increasingly warm winters and/or the sheltered climate at the head of the Valley has resulted in very significant growth.

 To assist landowners UDCLG engaged the Apical team (3 man team) to spend 4 days in the Valley working on properties either for half days or full days. UDCLG would subsidise the work on a $/$ basis.

 Landowners sought the assistance and the work was completed with a significant positive response from all landowners with appreciation for both the professional approach of the team and also the pertinent feedback each landowner received.

 Additionally post this project UDCLG will be holding a seed propagation workshop in March to assist all landowners especially those who have been impacted by erosion or have commenced weed eradication on the Creek banks to be ready later in the year to re-vegetate the banks.  Landowners will take home with them a range of re-vegetation plants suitable for bank stabilization.

 Attached for further information is the de-identified running sheet with the Apical team’s recommendations for each site (access HERE or visit the Project Page). Each landowners received the team’s feedback to assist maintaining and continuing to manage these serious weeds.

 Liasion with Queanbeyan Palarang Regional Council (QPRC) Weeds Officer concerning, in particular, the Mader Vine along Araluen Creek at the Camping Ground and verges towards the head of the Valley was most useful.  Crown Lands Department owns the Camping Ground and a large area at the head of the Valley.  QPRC was able to secure funding for weed eradication work along the Creek at the Camping Ground and gained authorization for the application of a bio-control beetle in the Crown Lands at the head of the Valley.


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Madeira vine ascending canopy tree in Araluen (left)

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