Araluen Creek Restoration Project Update April 2022

Undertaken by the Upper Deua Catchment Landcare Group (UDCLG), in partnership with USLC and the SE LLS - the Araluen Creek Restoration Project aims to deliver in-stream works that will support the creek and it's surrounding environment. Remediation of 13 sites along the creek will deliver stability, reduce sediment movement, control erosion and prevent future bank collapse into the future.

Project Delays Expected
Ironically, for a project desperately needed to cope with ongoing extreme weather events, the recent rains has meant the project has been put on hold. The last big rains in March led to various landslips on the Araluen Rd, and passage is now only functional one way for a significant part of the decent into the Valley. QPRC is onto the required repairs, however completing the engineering plans is not expected until June. 
Construction work by Soil Conservation Service has subsequently been postponed to Spring due to the situation. UDCLG has made a socially-conscious decision not to proceed with heavy haulage of materials and machinery down the mountain whilst in its current state. The constant flooding we are experiencing is also adding to delays, as no one's been able to access work sites along the creek. 
Revegetation & Volunteers to Assist Planting
Currockbilly Mountain Nursery of Mongarlowe, Cool Country Natives, Pialligo, and Monaro Natives at Bombala, have done a great job in growing UDCLG a very healthy selection of endemic plants for the projects re-vegetation program.

A total of 34 different species have been grown specifically for the project including Mountain Peppers, Araluen Red Gums, Coreas, numerous grasses and under storey shrubs.

Re-vegetation of the sites will be rescheduled for a planting in Spring, with 1,500 native species ready to get in the ground post-construction. UDCLG will be calling on volunteers to assist in this task, with further information circulated toward the end of winter.

Tank Delivery
Water tanks were delivered to participants with stock to enable remediation and regeneration of creek sites without animal impacts. Fencing off the creek, excluding stock and providing off-creek watering solutions - via a tank and trough set ups - was a major deliverable of the project. Well done UDCLG!