Araluen Creek Restoration Project - Workshops

A series of engaging workshops have been held in conjunction with the Araluen Creek Restoration Project and run in partnership with the Upper Shoalhaven Landcare Council.

These workshops provided participants with practical skills, new learnings and education on issues that are endemic to the Araluen Valley with topics ranging from weed and erosion controls, local geology, native seed collection and propagation. Practical hands-on demonstrations provided participants with techniques on how to identify and remediate potential problems on your property. All workshops were well attended with considerable local community interest and enthusiasm.

See the Events page for more details on all the different workshops.

You can also access useful information sheet distributed from the workshops:

  1. Tips for managing madeira vine
  2. Tips for managing blackberry
  3. Tips for managing privet
  4. Tips for managing boxthorn
  5. Native seed soil planting mix guide
  6. Araluen Native Planting list