Araluen Creek Restoration Project - Upper Shoalhaven Landcare Council Project Support Staff

The Upper Shoalhaven Landcare Council (USLC) welcomed the opportunity to work with Upper Deua Catchment Landcare on this project, engaging three project officers over the course of the project.

At the start of the Project in May 2021, USLC's Local Landcare Coordinator Bec Klomp was engaged, liaising with the group to help develop a project plan and educational workshop series.

In November of 2021, USLC engaged a dedicated project officer - Clare Henderson - to deliver the events. Topics included geology, waterway monitoring, practical weed management and erosion control, as well as native seed collection and propagation techniques. Clare engaged a range of interesting presenters - from university lecturers, to Rivers of Carbon and Apical Bushfire and Planning - many of whom were so popular with attendees they were asked to come back and host follow-up sessions.

Another aspect of Clare's work was developing a series of informative display boards. Different boards focused on topics like the geology of the area, history of Landcare and weed threats. These sign boards were designed to install at communal sites along the creek -  where the public could stop, view and learn about the Araluen Valley and the creek restoration efforts.

During her time as Project officer, Clare produced regular reports updating the USLC and Upper Deua Catchment Landcare of her progress, as well as a series of useful information sheets on various topics covered in the workshops

Example Information Sheets 

Soon to be available: Clare's Final Report July 2021-June 2023

Project Officer Clare (left) at Erosion workshop in May 2022. Photo: E Brinkley

Finally, to help wrap up the end of the project in May 2023, USLC's was called on to help support digitizing all the project material to make it publicly available online.

The task to upload all the fantastic content, photos and videos compiled by Upper Deua Catchment Landcare was taken up by to Local Landcare Coordinator Erin Brinkley. She  helped set up this Landcare NSW Gateway website, pull together and present the all project material kindly contributed by Penny Hayman, Cath Harrison, Clare Henderson and many others.

Local Landcare Coordinator Erin (right) at tree planting event in April 2023. Photo: C Harrison


The Upper Deua Catchment Landcare Group and the Upper Shoalhaven Landcare Council would like to thank Bec, Clare and Erin for their great efforts and dedication to the Araluen Creek Restoration Project. 

 This was funded by a Bushfire Community Recovery and Resilience Fund project through the joint Commonwealth/State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangement