Who’s Who on the Araluen Creek Restoration Project: Andy Taylor

Andy Taylor is the South East Local Land Services Senior Natural Resource Management Advisor for the Queanbeyan-Palerang region, living and working in the Braidwood region for over 20 years.

He’s worked on a range of projects, partnering with landholders and community groups, to improve the decision making and management of the natural environment on private land. He encourages an integrated approach, so that any given management action considers the uniqueness of its particular site and works toward achieving multiple outcomes for soil, water, native flora and fauna, as well as farm goals. Andy’s take-home message is that all of these things are connected, and we must work together to make a difference at the landscape scale.

For the Araluen Creek Restoration Project Andy is working with Soil Conservation Service, co-ordinating the earth works needed to restore the creek. It's a big job with lots of logistics and materials to be delivered across multiples sites. Ironically, while striving to fix the creek from the ongoing impacts of fires and floods, the Project has been hampered by the wet conditions. Recent landslides on the Araluen Road forced the decision to defer major earthworks until the necessary road repairs are complete.

In July 2021 Andy said “with the fires, then the floods, this project is all about rebuilding a bit of resilience, not only in the landscape but in the community as well. It’s about trying to support the community as a whole by focusing on the creek - the central lifeblood that runs through the landscape - whose presence affects and benefits everybody here. Some will be in agriculture; others will be in conservation and feel for the nature and wildlife that has been damaged. We need to build resilience into all those things so this valley can prosper.”

If you have any erosion queries, don't hesitate to contact Andy at andy.taylor@lls.nsw.gov.au.