Fit Farmer Support

Supporting Farmers and the local community to be at their best.

Fit Farmer Support

Supporting Farmers and the local community to be at their best.

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The issue

Often working in isolation, and wanting to appear resilient and robust regardless of the situation, rural people are typically reluctant to seek help and support.  Support services themselves, aren't always visible and the services they provide are not always clearly defined to the broader community. Living in a rural community also means available support services can be limited. So often it is not until crisis strikes that any of us seek help.

The solution

Upper Lachlan Landcare wanted to deliver a day to the community that would inform people about what support services are available locally. Not only did we want to let people know where to turn when crisis strikes, but also what to do long before. We wanted people to take a break and check in with themselves. Ask themselves, "Am I taking enough time out of my busy life for fun, relaxation, fitness? - Am I giving myself every opportunity to be the best that I can be?"

Linking in with RUOK day and the Upper Lachlan Shire Council, Upper Lachlan Landcare followed an established model from GLENRAC Landcare to put together an inspiring and lively selection of speakers and pop up displays showcasing support services operating locally. This day included speakers sharing insights on the topics of maintaining positive mental health, good financial heath and ongoing physical fitness. A local health support team offered free blood pressure tests. And an array of pop up displays from NSW State Emergency Services, Police Rural Crime Squad, Local Land Services, DPI Rural Resilience team, Rural Adversity Mental Health Program, One Door Mental Health Service, Rural Fire Service and more! All washed down with morning tea provided by the CWA and a delicious gourmet steak sandwich lunch.

The impact

People attending our Fit Farmer Workshop had the opportunity to see and hear a wealth of information all in one space. Support services themselves even commented that it was so helpful for them to find out about other agencies and the support they offer. Some people went away simply with an extra spring in their step, while others felt a deeper response.

As one participant remarked, "I only moved here 18 months ago and since arriving, I had given up exercising. Today I made an appointment to see one of these health providers next week, and they are going to set me up on an exercise plan again." This fellow went on to say, "You know I do suffer a bit with the depression, and today was a really great day. Great to remind me to look after myself."

We are now enthusiastically collecting ideas for next year!

Key facts

  • Mental health, financial fitness and good physical health all contribute to a positive, resilient and enriching life

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