Meetings That Move

Creating dynamic and inspirational meetings

Meetings That Move

Creating dynamic and inspirational meetings

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The issue

Our committee meetings had become an irregular event. We used the time to re connect and catch up on news but we felt we could make better use of this opportunity.

Being a volunteer organisation, covering a large geographic area and employing one part time coordinator, we recognised that meetings were precious. They are one of very few times we all come together and talk in person.

The solution

We implemented a series of strategies to give some life, emotion and direction to our meetings. For example, as a simple welcome we invite everyone to introduce themselves, giving a voice to every person in the room. We use a detailed agenda which gives background to topics of discussion and explains the processes. Our recent activities are reviewed and our successes are celebrated. We use visual stimulus as much as possible, such as photos and short films to stir emotions and help people connect with our mission statement. Members are invited each meeting to make a short presentation on their local Landcare activities which helps build everyones knowledge and connection across the network.

The impact

Upper Lachlan Landcare now hosts regular meetings which are well attended. We enjoy reflecting on what we have done well and feel inspired by what else we can achieve. We still re connect and catch up on news but the connection now runs deeper. We are excited by the common threads we share and how we can support each other to deliver better outcomes for our community and landscape.

Key facts

  • Tapping into emotions unlocks our energy