Colin Seis is Coming to Upper Lachlan

We are very excited to welcome Colin Seis to the Upper Lachlan Shire. In January 2015, The Weekly Times, wrote an article titled “Six of the world’s influential farming trailblazers share success secrets”. Colin Seis was one of those 6 trailblazers.

In 2005 Colin won the NSW Conservation Farmer of the year award and in 2007 he won the inaugural “Carbon farmer of the year award” in NSW. He was the recipient of the 2014 Bob Hawke award for Landcare.

Colin is very passionate about regenerative agriculture. Since 1993 Colin has been using a technique of planting crops into grasslands called Pasture Cropping. Leading on from that Colin developed MultiSpecies Pasture Cropping.

Multi­Species Pasture Cropping uses a group of plant species that have a range of different root systems, and includes legumes, flowering plants. This mix of plants is sown into dormant perennial native grassland. The benefits include improved soil structure and nutrient cycling, more efficient use of water, reduced input costs and risks, improved economic return from “vertical stacking” of enterprises, while producing good crops for grain and /or forage and vegetables for human consumption

Colin Seis, and his family before him, have been farming in the Gulgong area since the 1860s. Currently Colin and his son Nicholas run around 4000 fine wool merino sheep on their 2000-acre property “Winona” in the Gulgong area of NSW. The Winona Kelpie Stud is one of the largest and better known ‘kelpie working dog’ studs in the world. Winona grows up to 500 acres of oats annually using the ‘pasture cropping’ technique and harvests native grass seed from the property’s native grassland.

Colin will be speaking at the Grabben Gullen Hall on Friday 24th March. Places are limited so please RSVP to Ruth Aveyard 0447 242 474


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