Strategic Planning, Strategically!

Creating and delivering an engaging and inspiring event to shape our Landcare future.

Strategic Planning, Strategically!

Creating and delivering an engaging and inspiring event to shape our Landcare future.

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The issue

Upper Lachlan Landcare Inc. (ULL) were due to update our Strategic Plan for 2021 to 2023. We were mindful our members might predict a "Strategic Planning Session" to be dry, uninspiring and draining. We wanted to entice our members to attend and contribute their valuable thoughts, ideas and experience to our future direction.

The solution

The ULL Operating Committee nominated a design team of four to shape an intentional event. Using the 'Design from Harvest' template, we worked through the event's 'Why' - the tangible and intangible harvest, including the methods we would draw on for delivery and the powerful question that would secure our Landcare community's interest. 

We drew on the support of our Regional Landcare Coordinator, Linda Cavanagh, to support the design process. Linda also hosted the event, allowing our coordinator to provide a broader support role and our committee members a richer opportunity to participate. 

We promoted the evening as;

Your landscape, your community, your future. What do you want it to be? - These discussions will shape our Landcare future in Upper Lachlan and it is important we do this together!

We deliberately avoided any talk of 'strategic planning'. We invited people to prepare by reflecting before the event on what Landcare means to them, and what future they would like to see. On the night, committee members shared their insights on what ULL projects had worked well in the past and what key factors had influenced this. We then invited focused small group discussions and larger group reflections on what is the most important thing Upper Lachlan Landcare needs to do right now.

The impact

We had 23 people attend the strategic planning session, plus a further 12 written responses before the evening, providing good representation across our geographical landscape, new and longer-term members, and member age range. Thirteen individuals put forward a specific activity they felt needed action 'right now' and declared that they would be prepared to drive these ideas forward. 

Overall, we were thrilled with the number of people who participated. There were very positive and enthusiastic discussions; and committed and focused participation, from all who attended. We feel the event delivered clear direction for our future and an empowered community to take us there. 

Key facts

  • 35 people provide input into strategic plan review
  • Event design is time well spent.
  • Often there is more than one 'Why'.
  • The most direct path to an outcome doesn't necessarily suit the people taking the journey.

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