Superb Project Support

Project partners deliver excellent value for the investment.

Superb Project Support

Project partners deliver excellent value for the investment.

Stronger Together -


The issue

Upper Lachlan Landcare is one of eight partners in the Saving Our Superb Parrot Project funded by Office of Environment and Heritage. We have specific outcomes to deliver for our Upper Lachlan region that restores habitat for the Superb Parrot, including planting over 800 individual paddock trees, develop paddock tree planting guidelines, hosting several field days and increasing local awareness. Through this partner project, we have an opportunity to work with all stakeholders to maximise the positive outcomes for the Superb Parrot.

The solution

From it's beginning the spirit of this project has been inclusion. From it's coordinator, Damon Oliver (OEH Saving Our Species) to the 8 partners (Upper Lachlan Landcare, Boorowa Community Landcare, Mid Lachlan Landcare, Lachlandcare, Greening Australia, Cowra Woodland Birds, Hovells Creek Landcare and OEH) to all stakeholders with an interest in Superb Parrot survival. All interested parties have been invited and encouraged to attend meetings, information sessions and relevant gatherings.
The result is the broad spectrum of individuals and organisations, working, studying, observing Superb Parrots and their survival have all been present to build skills and knowledge across all project participants. We are all aware of the most recent and relevant observations and information. We are all aware of complementary activities. We are making the best possible use of resources, time and energy available to enable the best possible outcomes for the survival of the Superb Parrot.

The impact

This has been a wonderful opportunity to provide funding directly to local landholders to plant habit restoring paddock trees. It has also been enormously beneficial to work together, sharing information and resources across such a large geographical area but, more importantly, across such an extensive knowledge base. This project is an excellent example of how we can achieve so much more when working collectively. 

Key facts

  • The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts.

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