The Upper Peel Landcare Group (UPLG) was formed in March 2012 with the aim of continuing and expanding upon the projects initiated by the now superseded Nundle Woody Weeds Committee. The group has grown to include twenty enthusiastic members and holds monthly meetings at the Nundle Anglican Church Supper Room on the third Monday of every month.

Since its inception 2 years ago the Upper Peel Landcare group has targeted the removal of invasive and environmentally damaging weeds such as Privet, Pyracantha, Blackberry and Honey Locust by doing they have attempted to restore a balance to local wildlife, such as small birds, which have been predated by an out of proportion number of Currawong that thrived on the abundance of woody weed seed. Removal of Privet has also had the advantage of easing the suffering seasonal hay fever and asthma sufferers; something which will only improve with further planned removals.

Over the past few years the group has managed to expand native habitat corridors by planting hundreds of suitable indigenous trees, shrubs and grasses with the result of slowly seeing the restoration of the river environment. The rehabilitation of the riparian zone has assisted the local and endangered Booroolong Frog which calls the Peel River home.

As a riparian education strategy UPLG together with the Nundle Fishing Club recently ran a weekend Carp Muster including not only fishing but art and writing competitions for local schools.

Further information on UPLG activities can be found at http://tinyurl.com/uplandcare or by phoning the Secretary, Karlee Burgess on 0488 930 588

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