Five years of tackling Monaro dieback - where are we in 2021?

By the end of Spring 2021, Upper Snowy Landcare and an ever expanding list of financial backers, on-ground partners and local volunteers will have invested a huge amount of environmental, financial and social capital into the Ribbon Gum dieback region of the Monaro through the installation of 31 1 hectare biodiversity tree and shrub plots.

All our plantings are effectively infilling previously cleared or dieback-affected woodland (green shading in map below) and never go into the precious native grasslands that are naturally treeless due to basalt geology and cover approximately 14% of the Monaro.   

These plots really just scratch the surface of what is needed to repair this landscape following dieback, long-term drought and over-clearing.  We have several new grants to fence out large parcels of woodland and connect up some of the remaining bushland parcels across the Monaro.