Group's Projects
Dieback Project

This project aims to address the extensive tree dieback phenomenon (within a 5,000 sq km region in SE NSW) that has continued to shock the Monaro region since around 2005. The dieback phenomenon is influenced by many factors but appeared to be initiated by a decade long drought that occurred for most of the 2000’s and which ultimately led to trees being defoliated by the Eucalypt weevil and that was ultimately responsible for tree death. Many thousands of dead (and still dying) trees scar the mostly open landscape. The species most affected is Eucalyptus Viminalis (Ribbon Gum/ Mana Gum) - a most majestic and extremely large tree species that provides many resource values. We intend to tackle the problem of dieback by recreating native vegetation plots (using best practice and locally adapted planting methodologies) on 10 plots in visible locations within the dieback affected area. For two plots we intend to engage an indigenous land manager to perform cool winter burns to encourage natural regeneration.