Urabba Parks Pty Ltd operates a community park out of Rankins Springs in the Riverina.

Urabba Parks Proprietary Limited conducts Landcare activities in the "New Eurabba" region (Carrathool Shire Ward B).  Our people, known as Urabbaparcensians and New Eurabbans in particular, operate sites in Rankins Springs (Urabba Street Reserve) and Gunbar (Promachos).  These sites are located on blocks originally intended to be used for residential purposes but which carry no building entitlement due to planning and environmental regulations.

If you want to become a Urabbaparcensian please go to www.urabbaparks.org.au.

Cheers and I look forward to hearing from you soon,
Danny Racovolis
Enactor, Urabba Parks Proprietary Limited

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