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Landcare for Burren Junction

Burren Junction Landcare Group

Landcare for Burren Junction

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The issue

Burren Junction is a small rural community of less than 300 people, situated equi-distant between Walgett and Narrabri in North West NSW. A proud and vibrant community wants to share their town and landscape with the many travellers who pass through, throughout the year. However, apart from the bore baths (which are located 3km from town), there is little reason to stop.

The solution

With the aim of raising the profile of their little town, the Burren Junction Landcare group was formed with 6 energetic members. Three members form the BJLC met with and joined the NWPSG, forming a sub-group. Their goal is to highlight the natural environment, and entice people to stop, stay and enjoy Burren Junction.

The impact

The BJLC is currently liaising with Development Western of the Roads and Maritime Service about creating a walkway flanked by native trees and forbes from the BJ Bore Baths to the town centre. The walk way will help improve the towns aesthetic and be used by travellers and locals for recreation. All works will be completed by the committee with support from local trades people. The trees and forbes will be sourced from local, native tree nursery Linwood Trees which sources and grows provenance seeds from the local area.
The group also plan to complete on-farm tree planting in the future. Currently soil moisture is a constraint. However, a strong summer rain fall is predicted, meaning that this is likely to go ahead. As farm management ‘returns to normal’ following prolonged drought, there will be communications between BJLC and NWPSG concerning appropriate and desired NRM and Regenerative Agriculture works in the Burren Junction area.

Post COVID restrictions the Walgett and District Garden Club will visit Linwood Trees for a native plant propagation workshop.   

Pictured: Sandy Stump (BJLC President), Denielle Kilby (NWPSG Coordinator), Brett Smith (NWPSG President), Jenny Holcombe (BJLC Treasurer). 

Key facts

  • New Landcare Group formed in Burren Junction with six founding members
  • The group's first project will be a 3km Bore Bath Walkway planted out with endemic native species
  • Future projects will target on-farm tree planting and other regenerative agriculture works