Walgett Future Farmers Forum

Walgett Future Farmers Forum

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The issue

Together with other agencies, North West Plains Sustainability Group Inc. (NWPSG) identified the 3 biggest challenges for young farmers in the area; access to finance, access to land and business knowledge. After much deliberation, the concept of the Future Farmers Forum was constructed. NWPSG was keen to address these issues with a forum to bring like-minded people together to share their issues and solutions.

The solution

The Walgett Future Farmers Forum was aimed to address some issues; access to finance, access to land and business knowledge by providing speakers that are highly regarded in their respective fields. As well as helping the attendees create networks with other like-minded people in the area, who they may not have connected with otherwise, it has opened up more channels of communication and information sharing that will help to alleviate the problems to a degree. NWPSG with 12 sponsors supporting the forum, allowed for networks to be created between NWPSG and attendees as well as information being supplied to allow a Strategic plan to be developed with the community interest at the forefront.

The impact

With over 100 local farmers and organisation representatives gathered in Walgett to attend this Forum that was hosted by the North West Plains Sustainability Group.  Four speakers, highly regarded in their respective fields, captivated the audience with their presentations on topics including production, agricultural finance, risks and climate.  It was a hugely productive day that presented a great deal of relevant information to keep farming in the Walgett district moving forward as technologies and up-to-date knowledge becomes available to all.

This event attracted a huge following of both the young and the young at heart, who were all keen to see what is now becoming available to help them with their production capabilities.

Key facts

  • Over 100 local farmers and agricultural organisation representatives from the Walgett Shire & beyond.
  • 4 highly regarded speakers - experts in agricultural finance, production, risk and climate.

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