Native Grains

How to identify, prepare and cook native grains.

Native Grains

How to identify, prepare and cook native grains.

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The issue

A 'Working Together' project allowed Landcare, NWPSG and the Dharriwa Elders Group to collaborate on an idea that appealed to the people of Walgett. This event helped to bring together Aboriginal people and people from the agricultural community to discuss and share their knowledge of native grains in their local area. 

The solution

Angela Pattison (Syd Uni), Kerrie Saunders (Yinarr-ma) and Luke Farr (Muddy Waters) presented to the group about how to ID, prepare and cook natives grains in a rotation of small sub groups. Information was also shared about the nutritional content of native grains compared to the species used in broad-acre agriculture.  At the conclusion of the day the larger group regathered to prepare, cook and eat johnny cakes together. The group consisted of people aged 3 years to 75 years. Many people used the day as an opportunity to discuss the changes they have seen to the Walgett landscape, flora and fauna over the last few decades. All participants were like minded in their desire for good stewardship of the land for future generations. 

The impact

A great day enjoyed by all that has started the conversation between local indigenous groups and farmers about shared interests "how could we work together, to further understand and develop the use of native grains in our area". The day offered an early networking opportunity for possible native grain cultivation partnerships between Dharriwa Elders Group and interested local land holders. 
A powerful opportunity for information sharing. 

Key facts

  • Working Together Project
  • Indigenous Families
  • Farming Families
  • Knowledge Sharing

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