Supporting Community Events

Donations made to several community events

Supporting Community Events

Donations made to several community events

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The issue

The Walgett Shire is in the grips of the longest, driest drought on record. Our community which is structured largely around Sheep and Dryland Grain cropping is pinched. But our strong sense of community spirit is shining through. In recent months there have been several social events aimed at lifting the spirits of our community members. Although, traveling and participating in an event does come at a cost.

The solution

The NWPSG has decided to value add the existing events by reducing the cost of participation for event goers. This has been done by subsidising ticket cost, supplying food and drink for events, covering the cost of trades people and supplying sports equipment to be shared.

The impact

'Beach to Bush Ladies Day', Carinda - Donation used to supply hairdressers and beauticians to pamper 150 local women.

'A Floral Affair', Walgett - Donation used to supply table wine at a long lunch for 175 people. The day rasied $10,000 for the Cancer Units at the Dubbo Hospital.

'Cumborah Cricket Day', Cumborah - Donation used to supply lunch and sports equipment for 100 attending the day.

'Alastair Rayner: Summer Livestock Management', Carinda - Donation used to assist with cost of speaker, meaning no cover charge for participants.

'Chemical Accreditation Course', Grawin - Donation used to subsidise cost of course for attendees.

Key facts

  • $3500 donated to community events
  • Cost of participation reduced
  • Over 500 locals envolved
  • 'Feel Good' during drought