To engage the local community in order to protect and enhance native vegetation, fauna, water quality and general environmental health within Thurgoona and surrounding Woolshed Creek area, thus improving the region's overall biodiversity and natural character.


Large regional centres like Albury have populations greater than 54,000, strong annual population growth, and rapid housing developments. By 2036, the population is forecast to reach over 67,400. The impact of more humans is less native plants and animals. Since European colonisation, 75% of the Albury local government area has been cleared of native vegetation. How do we promote the benefits of native vegetation in urban gardens, especially in the new estates? It can be hard to ‘be heard or seen’ in amongst a myriad of other groups. Woolshed Thurgoona Landcare is one peri-urban group that has built a strong local following with their annual native plant giveaway and delivered a clear message of supporting biodiversity.

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