Refreshing Rivers - Central Billabong 2021 - 2031

Refreshing Rivers - Central Billabong. A 10-year collaborative project to build on the health of the Yanco Creek System.

YACTAC have an exciting 10-year project, Refreshing the Central Billabong, which encompasses much of the Yanco Creek System, from Yanco Creek offtake at the Murrumbidgee River, through to Wanganella swamp, NSW in the west.

Rivers are the lifeblood of inland NSW – they have enormous ecological, cultural and economic significance. River health is directly linked with the wellbeing of our regional communities and their ability to thrive. 

By providing new partnerships, pathways and enduring incentives for action, our project will refresh our local creek health.

Refreshing the Central Billabong is part of a larger project Refreshing Rivers, led by Murray Local Land Services, which aims to drive social change that leads to improved health of inland rivers sustained by industry, farmer and community action.

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Map of project area Refreshing the Central Billabong. Sourced from Murray LLS, 2022.