Wetlands for Wildlife 2023

The ‘Wetlands for Wildlife’ project aims to improve habitat in local wetlands for the Southern bell frog, a NSW listed threatened species. The project was funded by Murray Local Land Services and managed by YACTAC in partnership with the Leeds family at “Broome”, on a wetland off the Yanco Creek.

Wetlands for Wildlife project

The Wetlands for Wildlife (WfW) project aimed to improve the habitat for threatened species, as well as species considered a priority by the community. This was done through partnerships with landholders, land managers and the community to improve habitat in local wetlands. Many threatened and endangered species in the Murray region rely on the availability of healthy wetlands for food, habitat and breeding, for example the Southern bell frog (Litoria raniformis) which is the focus of this project. 

The on-ground incentives program was designed to assist landholders implement works which contribute to an improvement in the condition of wetland habitat for the benefit of threatened species (listed threatened species, NSW Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016). YACTAC managed WFW project and implemented the on-ground works.

YACTAC and school plant out, May 2023. By Andrea Mitchell, YACTAC

What's not to love, being outdoors amongst redgums, planting and restoring wetlands, a sunny day, a barbeque, kids having fun and mud. Wetlands for Wildlife has been a five-month project for YACTAC enhancing wetlands which culminated in the May plant-out with students from Coleambally Central school. The students worked hard planting and guarding 120 sedge seedlings, transplanting phragmites and nardoo an installing rock substrate for the Southern bell frog. A barbeque sustained the happy helpers and as for the mud, a few kids ended up completely covered!

The WfW  project has involved planting 2000 seedlings in December, 2022, as the floodwaters receded, spraying and removing weeds, installing artificial substrate habitat for bell frog to bask and contract planting of 1500 groundcover plants. Other works from a previous project included fencing the area from stock and direct seeding in March 2023. 

A big thank you to Dr Anna Turner, Charles Sturt University, Lachlan Spalding, Murray LLS, farmer David Leeds, teacher Briony Fattore and students from Coleambally Central School, who through exemplary teamwork made the community planning day a great one. Thank you also to Jerilderie Earthmoving who donated the rock substrate.