Wind in the willows - improving the health of Colombo Creek 2021-2022

On-ground willow removal and a workshop at Colombo Creek will be delivered as part of the Murray-Darling Healthy Rivers Small grants (Round 1). The project continues YACTAC's ongoing and successful 15-year willow removal program.

On-ground willow removal at Colombo Creek will be delivered as part of the recently secured Murray-Darling Healthy Rivers Program Small grant titled "Wind in the willows, improving the heath of the Colombo Creek". Willows such as Salix babylonica colonise creeks through their extensive root system, forming thickets and diverting water flow. YACTAC has removed 95% of willows from the Yanco Creek System over 15 years and with an educational campaign aims to remove the remaining 5%. A flyer, field day and workshop will all be delivered in 2021-2022 through the project.  YACTAC support community led, on-ground projects to improve the health and ecological condition of Yanco Creek System. For more information or if you would like to be involved contact: E: