Welcome to Country

Why are Welcomes to Country Important

Welcome to Country

Why are Welcomes to Country Important

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The issue

Creating awareness and understanding of the importance of an Aboriginal Welcome to Country and the Aboriginal Community Protocols associated with the history of a Welcome to Country.

The solution

To compile the information to be a useful and informative resource. The paper is designed to assist Local Landcare Coordinators and Groups to engage in an open and meaningful way with the Local Aboriginal community in which they operate.

The discussion paper will also be distributed to a wider group of organisations. The resource come from a lifetime of living with Aboriginal community protocols. Since this has been part of my life and work for many years, no outside resources were necessary, apart from discussions and consultation with other Traditional Owners. Also, other resources provided by way of links to web sites, providing other sources of information.

The impact

The discussion paper provides information that has not previously been available to groups such as Local Landcare Coordinators and groups. It creates awareness and understanding of Aboriginal Community protocols associated with Welcomes to Country. The discussion paper assists and enhances opportunities for open and meaningful Aboriginal Community engagement in the Landcare NSW programs.

The discussion paper has also been made available to wider community groups, and will continue to be distributed to further develop the awareness and understanding of a Welcome to Country throughout the Landcare NSW program and wider community.

Key facts

  • creating awareness, understanding and respect.
  • opportunities for open and meaningful engagement.