Yass Landcare Community Nursery

Growing plants for the Yass Community

Yass Landcare Community Nursery propagates plants for the Yass community. Mainly focusing on native trees and shrubs, we are making a major contribution to the conservation of our district.

In 2019-2020, the Nursery grew over 4000 tubestock. These were distributed at cost to local landholders for major tree lane plantings and the Yass Paddock Tree Project.

The Nursery is a joint project with the Yass Community Garden. Members can germinate vegetable seedlings for the Community Garden, as well as for their own home gardens.

A popular contribution to the Yass community are the garden species we propagate from  seeds and cuttings, including lavender, rosemary, correas, hop-bush and emu-bush.

Working bees are held every second Saturday and fourth Tuesday between 9.00am and 12.00pm. Volunteers may be invited to take home some plants at the end of the day. Come and join us!

The establishment of the Nursery has been supported by funding from NSW Environmental Trust, FRRR, Yass Valley Council, Yass Soldiers Club, Bendigo Bank, the Yass Area of Landcare Groups and Transgrid.

For more information, or to order plants, please contact

Kath McGuirk (Nursery Manager) Ph 0428 822 570


Jan Grubb, Ph 0459 024 895