The Paddock Tree Project

This project, funded by the South-East Local Land Services, aims to establish 1000 paddock trees in the Yass Valley Shire.

Paddock trees – those grand old trees so characteristic of the paddocks in the Yass area – are vital for the survival of many birds, mammals, micro-bats, reptiles and invertebrates. But they are disappearing! The rapid pace of development for roads and housing means that too many trees are being lost. Some are sacrificed for firewood.

This project aims to ensure that paddock trees will still be providing habitat long into the future.

Paddock trees have many benefits.

  • They provide stepping stones for animals moving across the landscape
  • They provide shelter and shade for livestock
  • They encourage native pollinators and species that provide natural insect control
  • They improve water quality by lowering the water table
  • They help to slow down damaging winds and reduce erosion.
  • They provide multiple species with important sources of food, such as nectar, sap and foliage for insects
  • As they age, they provide nesting hollows and perching places for birds, gliders and bats.

The project supplies land-holders with tubestock and sturdy durable tree guards to protect the young trees from livestock.

For more information, please contact

Sonya Duus, Ph 0488 027 653


Jeremy Wilson, Ph 0427 059 142