Growing the Bottom Line #2

Innovative producers regenerating the land through sustainable and ethical practices

Growing the Bottom Line #2

Innovative producers regenerating the land through sustainable and ethical practices

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The issue

This Growing the Bottom Line field trip was the second field trip held in a series designed to showcase demonstrated on-farm success, and the benefits of changing and improving management practices, by providing landholders with the opportunity to see and hear from farmers for themselves. This is important because it demonstrates that managing for increased biodiversity can help to increase productivity and profitability which is key for facilitating the wider adoption of practices that help to conserve our environment within grazing and cropping systems.

The solution

This field trip was funded by Riverina Local Land Services as part of their Foundational Grants program. Our group invited landholders and community members to visit 'Box Gum Grazing' in Murringo, a grass-fed beef and pasture-raised pork enterprise, and 'Green Gables' at Kingsvale, a Certified Biodynamic vegetable farm and fruit orchard, and Certified Organic beef and lamb farm. The day was divided into a morning session learning about regenerative grazing and business operations based on Holistic Management principles, how farm produce is marketed and sold direct to the community through a website and farmers markets, and how low-stress stock handling is applied. The afternoon included learning about the fundamentals of biodynamics and how its applied across a mixed farming enterprise, and also how produce is being delivered to the community via a local organic distribution company.

The impact

Thirty one members and friends of Young District Landcare attended the field trip and were able to see for themselves how a profitable business is balancing sustainability of resources, and increasing on-farm biodiversity. Learning about the principles of biodynamics and Biodynamic 500 preparation was an interesting and engaging experience for all the participants who had many questions for our host. The day also provided an insight into the passion that producer's have for their product. Marketing that product direct to the community fosters a strong link between growers and consumers.

Key facts

  • Low stress stock-handling leads to a positive interaction when managing animals
  • Products marketed direct to a community foster a connection between grower and consumer
  • Practices that improve biodiversity, also lead to improved economic performance

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