Adding a Photo Album

The gateway has the ability to create photo albums, or collections of photos, which display as thumbnails, but can show full size.

If your group has a collection of photographs that they want to be able to load and show users, the process is fairly simple.

Prepare the photo's or images first

Images must be prepared in a web safe format such as JPG, PNG or GIF. You will get the best results for scenery photos by using JPG or PNG. If you are uploading logos or computer generated images then you may get better results with GIF format.

Many digital cameras now can produce normal photo file sizes of 1-4Mb - which is far too big for most websites - particularly for people on dialup.

Before loading any pictures, please use some imaging software to reduce the file size to around 200kb or less.  Cameras and scanners normally have software bundled to edit images.

This will still provide a good quality image suitable for websites, but not take excess time to download.  The smaller the better.  Depending upon your software, you may get options to convert images to around 100 dpi, quality can be medium to low, pixels can be between 600-1000 wide, or size of around 10cm by 15cm or less.

Check you have permissions

Be aware that there are privacy issues with putting pictures of people, particularly children, on websites.  You should have people's permission to put their picture on the website, and must have parents or guardian (school) permission to load pictures of children on a website.  If you cannot secure permission, only load pictures which cannot identify children - ie too far away or no faces showing.

Add  photos to group Photo Album

Every group site now has a photo album already setup to display and add photos.  Users can add individual photos, or albums (collections) within this album - there is no limit to the number of albums or images within the group photo album.

To add photos, first login, navigate to your group then click on the Photo Album link on the right hand menu. Then click on the "Upload" link in the green edit bar.

You can select single or multiple files to upload.  This is the fastest option with the file name becoming the title, but will not include any descriptive text.  It is then possible to create new folders and cut and paste images into different folders.

To add albums, navigate to the group Photo Album via navigation box, and select 'Add New', then either Folder (for a new collection) or Image.

For best results, have a separate folder for different projects or events, and you can have any number of folders within these - eg a separate folder for each event, project or year.

Add Image

In the group website, add the folder item, name it and save.  Use the Add Item drop down list.

Add the pictures to the folder as 'images' in the item drop down list.  Give them a good description so people can find out what the picture shows.

Remember to publish them all.

Change the display

When viewing a folder, you can change how a folder displays the contents.  The default is standard view, which will not display the images.

Click on the 'display' drop down in the green menu above the page, and select 'thumbnail view from the list.  This will then show a thumbnail (miniature picture) of each picture as a photo album style view.  When people click on an image, they will be shown the full picture. The description will be displayed when users hold the cursor over the thumbnail image.

The Summary view option will display both the thumbnail and the description from each image.  This may be useful for collections where the description is important for users to see.
Default View

Additional Instructions

It can be frustrating to put a lot of effort into uploading images and writing captions on your group's Photo Album, only for the captions to apparently disappear from your listing after you finish. However the display you may want is only a couple of clicks away.

First, a refresher on uploading images on the photo album.

1) Select the Photo Album folder.

2) Click "Add new" and "image" on the green editing bar. An edit form will open

3) Click "Choose File" to browse and upload your image

4) Enter your caption in the description field

5) Enter the photo title on the title field unless you want the existing file name of the image.

6) Click "Save" at the end of the page.

Now when someone visits your photo album now, this is what they see.

This view is known as the Thumbnail view and it is the Gateway's default view on the Photo Album

The image appears as a thumbnail and only appears as small preview when clicked. The caption only appears when you roll the cursor over the image thumbnail and the image title is hidden from view. You also cannot edit the caption or title in this view.

While some people may be happy with the thumbnails, you may want a more user friendly view.

This is the way to improve the display of your Photo Album

1) Click "Display" on the Photo Album's green editing bar - a drop down menu appears

2) Click "All Content"

3) The following view will be seen by the public when they look at your Photo Album

The image's title and caption now appear.  The preview image is now much larger, which you can click for full sized images. You can also click the title of the image to edit an editable version of the image where you can make changes to the caption and title.

There are also other modes you can use to display your Photo Album.

The Display tab also has a number of display views which could be more appropriate for your needs

  • The Summary view gives a view similar to the default view of the News and Project folders where a very small image and the caption will be seen and a "read more" link can be clicked  for a larger editable image.
  • The Tabular view shows a table of links to images rather than the images themselves.
  • The Standard View shows the album as a collection of editable links with captions